TwinFallsPress Release: ArisiTol® with CBD that Helps People with Pain and Inflammation Launches

HILTON HEAD ISLAND?April 22, 2014?TWIN FALLS BIOTECH® today announced a new, all-natural dietary supplement containing CBD that can help people who are suffering from pain and inflammation called ArisiTol and is available nationwide starting today. ArisiTol gives consumers access to a product that can help treat their pain and inflammation without a prescription. “We are so excited about the launch of this fabulous product for people suffering from pain.” Says David Mouser, CEO of Twin Falls Biotech. “We’ve seen so many great stories in the media lately where CBD has been able to help with so many ailments and now everyone can try it today.”

ArisiTol is not available in stores and you don’t need a prescription. David went on to say, “ArisiTol doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for most that try it. It may not work for you but for every two out of three that try ArisiTol will receive the pain-relieving benefits*”.

“ArisiTol also has no known side effects*. Think of all those commercials advertising solutions for pain that give you a laundry list of all the bad things that could happen to you. Not with ArisiTol. It meets FDA guidelines for the manufacturing of CBD and will give you peace of mind,” Mouser said.

There are two ways to try ArisiTol. Right now Twin Falls is offering customers a risk-free, one-week trial when they order a one-month supply. If you don’t get the results you were hoping for from the one-week trial bottle, send back the 30-day supply unopened andTwin Falls will send you your money back. “We want our customers to have the confidence that we are not in the ‘snake oil’ business, this is a real, all-natural product that could have amazing results for them. If they don’t we’re going to make it easy for them to get a refund,” Laments Mouser.bottle.png

You can also simply purchase a one-week trial at a reduced price to see if ArisiTol is right for you. “We wanted our customers to have options. Some customers don’t want toorder a month’s quantity unless they are 100% sure. We would prefer they do the risk-free trial because ultimately it will save them money,” states Mouser.

David continues “I want you to read what one of our users who runs a working ranch in Southern California, had to say about ArisiTol.” “Sometimes I can’t lift the saddle up which weighs 40-50 pounds by myself because of my elbow pains and my shoulder pains,” Says Terry Kenney, ArisiTol consumer. “If I want to continue to have this ranch I need to find some relief” “ArisiTol allowed my to take myself off of all my other pain medications and my aches and pains have pretty much gone away.”

ArisiTol comes in easy-to take tablets that are chewable and have a great minty-fresh flavor. Says Mouser, “It was also important to us that the medication was easy to take.” You can also take ArisiTol on an empty stomach.

“Of course, CBD was all over the news in the past year for the incredible results it made in a little girls life, Charlotte Figi who was suffering from 3,000 seizures a month,” David speaks emotionally, “Her parents tried everything to bring this poor child relief and nothing worked. But they finally found out about CBD and the results were miraculous. After the first dose of CBD, Charlotte went an entire week without a single seizure. Overall she has gone from 3,000 seizures a month to just 3.” Watch her story here.

“We continue to find out new and exciting results about CBD almost daily. For example, there are stories of consumers getting better sleep and most recently it has been shown to stop the growth of certain cancers. Amazing.” Says, Mouser. “ArisiTol has the pain-relieving power of CBD and we are so thrilled to bring this supplement to people suffering with pain. I’ve had a lot of successful businesses in my career but nothing has brought such excitement to me than the opportunity to help possibly reduce the pain others are suffering. This is a proud day for our company,” says David.